Refuge Recovery

A Buddhist Path to Recovering from Addiction

Refuge Recovery is a mindfulness-based addiction recovery community that practices and utilizes Buddhist philosophy as a foundation for the recovery process. Drawing inspiration from the core teachings of the Four Noble Truths, an emphasis is placed on both knowledge and empathy as a means for overcoming addiction and its causes. Those struggling with any form of addiction greatly benefit when they are able to understand the suffering that addiction has created while developing compassion for the pain they have experienced. We hope to serve you, and meet you on the path.

ENSO Society promotes and provides funding to support Refuge Recovery Meetings in Kelowna.

Refuge Recovery is a nonprofit organization based in California and has built an extensive and comprehensive network of Refuge Recovery groups, meetings, and communities all over North America that practice, educate, and provide Buddhist teachings and meditations for anyone seeking recovery from addiction.

What is Refuge Recovery?

Refuge Recovery is a Buddhist-oriented path to freedom from addiction. This is an approach to recovery that understands: “All individuals have the power and potential to free themselves from the suffering that is caused by addiction.” We feel confident in the power of the Dharma, if applied, to relieve suffering of all kinds, including the suffering of addiction. This is a process that cultivates a path of awakening, the path of recovering from the addictions and delusions that have created so much suffering in our lives and in this world.

Refuge Recovery is a systematic approach to training our hearts and minds to see clearly and respond to our lives with understanding and non-harm. You are entering a way of life that may be familiar to some and foreign to others. In the beginning, some of it may seem confusing or counter-instinctual. But with time and experience, you will find familiarity. Eventually, it will all make perfect sense and will gradually become a more and more natural way of being.

Women’s Refuge Recovery

Fridays 6:00 – 7:00 PM
Kelowna Yoga House
1272 St Paul St, Kelowna, BC V1Y 2C9

Co-ed Refuge Recovery

Sundays 1:30 – 2:30 PM
Starting January 14, 2018
1353 Richter St, Kelowna, BC V1Y 2L5

A community supporting each other in recovery from addiction. We meditate together and there is voluntary sharing. No experience necessary. Free, $5 donation appreciated.

Visit the Refuge Recovery website →


The Four Truths of Refuge Recovery
  1. Addiction creates suffering
  2. The cause of addiction is repetitive craving
  3. Recovery is possible
  4. The path to recovery is available


The Four Foundations of Mindfulness
  1. Mindfulness of body/breath
  2. Mindfulness of feelings
  3. Mindfulness of mind states
  4. Mindfulness of mind objects (truth)


Heart Practice Meditations
  1. Kindness – towards all experience
  2. Compassion/forgiveness – towards the suffering we experience and have caused
  3. Appreciation – towards pleasure
  4. Equanimity – understanding the reality of ongoing change